Longest Bridges in India: 10 Amazing Bridges of India

longest bridges in india

Do you know which is the longest bridge in India? Well, the bridge is a medium that connects two places that are unconnected. Bridges play an important role in the transportation and make your journey easier to move from one place to another. 26 May 2017, The PM of India, Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated the longest bridge of India name as Dhola-Sadia Bridge which is also known as Bhupen Hazarika Bridge, the longest bridge of India. In this article, we are going to tell a list of the top 10 longest bridges in India.

Top 10 Longest Bridges of India

Have a look at the below table, You will notice that there are 5 bridges out of 10 in Bihar state when it comes to the longest bridges in India.

Serial No.Name of the BridgeDistance (Km)TypeConnecting PlacesRiver
1Dr. bhupen Hazarika Bridge9.15 KmRoadAssam and Arunachal PradeshLohit River, Tinsukia, Assam
2Mahatma Gandhi Setu5.75 KmRoadSouth Patna to HajipurGanga , Patna , Bihar
3Bandra- Worli Sea Link5.57 KmRoadBandra to Worli (South Mumbai)Mahim Bay , Mumbai
4Bogibeel bridge4.94 KmRoad and RailDhemaji to DibrugarhBrahmaputra River, Assam
5Vikramshila Setu4.70 KmRoadBhagalpur to NaugachiaGanga, Bhagalpur, Bihar
6Venbanad Rail Bridge4.62 KmRoad and RailEdappally to VallarpadamVembanad Lake, Kochi, Kerala
7Digha-Sonpur Bridge4.55 KmRoad and RailDigha, Patna to Sonpur, SaranGanga, Patna, Bihar
8Arrah-chhapra Bridge4.35 KmRoadArrah to ChhapraGanga, Saran, Bihar
9Godavari Bridge4.13 KmRoad and RailKovvur to RajahmundryGodavari river, Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh
10Munger Ganga Bridge3.69 KmRoad and RailMunger to JamalpurGanga, Munger, Bihar

Dhola Sadiya Bridge / Bhupen Hazarika Bridge

Dhola Sadia Bridge also known as Bhupen Hazarika Bridge is named after India’s famous musician, singer and filmmaker Bhupen Hazarika. This bridge is located on the Lohit river i.e. the tributary of the Brahmaputra river. Dhola Sadia bridge connects Dhola (Asam) and Sadia (Arunachal Pradesh, therefore known as Dhola-Sadia bridge. The length of the Bhupen Hazarika Bridge is 9.15 km.

bhupen hazarika bridge the longest bridge in india
  • Name of the Bridge: Dhola Sadia Bridge / Bhupen Hazarika Bridge
  • Distance: 9.15 Km
  • Connecting Places: Assam and Arunachal Pradesh
  • Opened: 2017
  • Type: Road
  • River/Places: Lohit River, Tinsukia, Assam

Mahatma Gandhi Setu

This is the second-longest bridge in India also known as Gandhi Setu or Ganga Setu. Gandhi Setu is located on the Ganga River in Bihar. This Bridge connects Patna to Hazipur in the north Bihar and its length is 5.75 km. Mahatma Gandhi Setu is a part of NH-19 and plays an important role for speedy transportation and better traffic management in this area.

Mahatma Gandhi Setu Longest Bridges in India
  • Name of the Bridge: Mahatma Gandhi Setu
  • Distance: 5.75 Km
  • Connecting Places: South Patna to Hazipur
  • Opened: 1982
  • Type: Road
  • River/Places: Ganga, Patna (Bihar)

Bandra-Worli Sea Link

Bandra- Worli Sea Link connects two major areas of Mumbai City i.e. Bandra and Worli. Officially known as Rajiv Gandhi sea link was opened in 2009 and the length of this sea Link is 5.63 km. It is the most beautiful place in Mumbai and you can enjoy a long drive here through the salty sea breeze. It looks stunning at night due to lights that make it a photographers’ paradise.

bandra worli sea link in mumbai city Longest Bridges in India
  • Name of the Bridge: Bandra Worli Sea Link or Rajive Gandhi Sea Link
  • Distance: 5.75 Km
  • Connecting Places: Bandra to Worli (South Mumbai)
  • Opened: 2009
  • Type: Road
  • River/Places: Mahim Bay, Mumbai

Bogibeel Bridge

Bogibeel Bridge is the fourth longest bridge in India which is located on the Brahmaputra River and its length is 4.94 km. It is the longest bridge in India with Rail and Road connectivity. This bridge was inaugurated by PM Shri Narendra Modi on 25 December 2018. This bridge connects Dibrugarh (Assam) and Dhemaji (Arunachal Pradesh). It is also a second-largest rail-cum-road bridge in Asia. Apart from connecting two states of India it also improves the logistics along the Indo-Sino border in Arunachal Pradesh.

bogibeel bridge pic
  • Name of the Bridge: Bogibeel Bridge
  • Distance: 4.94 Km
  • Connecting Places: Dhemaji to Dibrugarh
  • Opened: 2018
  • Type: Rail and Road
  • River/Places: Brahmaputra River Assam

Vikramshila Setu

Vikramshila Setu is the second-longest bridge of Bihar named after Vikramshila University and its length is 4.7 km. This bridge establishes a link between two major roads NH-80 and NH-31.

Vikramshila Setu in bihar
  • Name of the Bridge: Vikramshila Setu
  • Distance: 4.70 Km
  • Connecting Places: Bhagalpur to Naugachia
  • Opened: 2001
  • Type: Road
  • River/Places: Ganga, Bhagalpur (Bihar)

Vembanad Rail Bridge

This Bridge is located on Vembanad Lake in Kerala. Vembanad Bridge is the longest Rail bridge in India with length 4.62 km located in Kerala. This Bridge is built over the longest lake in India, Vembanad Lake. This lake is popularly known for snake boat race or Nehru trophy.

Vembanad Rail Bridge longest rail bridge in India
  • Name of the Bridge: Vembanad Rail Bridge
  • Distance: 4.62 Km
  • Connecting Places: Edappally to Vallarpadam
  • Opened: 2011
  • Type: Rail and Road
  • River/Places: Vembanad Lake, Kochi (Kerala)

Digha Sonpur Bridge

Digha Sonpur is the Road cum Railway Bridge located on the Ganga River. This Bridge is also known as JP Setu or Lokmanya Jai Prakash Narayan Bridge and its length is 4.5 km. This rail cum road bridge was inaugurated on 3 February 2016 that offers a clean roadway and railway link between northern and southern Bihar.

Digha Sonpur Bridge Rail and Road Bridge
  • Name of the Bridge: Digha-Sonpur Bridge
  • Distance: 4.55 Km
  • Connecting Places: Digha to Patna
  • Opened: 2016
  • Type: Rail and Road
  • River/Places: Ganga, Patna (Bihar)

Arrah Chapra Bridge

This bridge is also known as the Kuwar Singh bridge and provide link between northern and southern region of Bihar. This bridge was opened on 11 June 2017 and its length is 4.3 km.

Arrah Chapra Bridge
  • Name of the Bridge: Arrah-Chhapra Bridge
  • Distance: 4.35 Km
  • Connecting Places: Arrah to Chhapra
  • Opened: 2017
  • Type: Road
  • River/Places: Ganga, Saran (Bihar)

Godavari Bridge

This bridge is also known as Kovvur-Rajmundari Bridge because it provides connectivity to the Kovvur and Rajmundari and its length is 4.13 km.

Godavari Bridge
  • Name of the Bridge: Godavari Bridge
  • Distance: 4.13 Km
  • Connecting Places: Kovvur to Rajahmundry
  • Opened: 2015
  • Type: Rail and Road
  • River/Places: Godavari River, Rajahmundry (Andhra Pradesh)

Munger Ganga Bridge

This bridge connects Munger and Jamalpur and its length is 3.6 km and it is the second-longest rail-cum-road bridge of Bihar. Ganga river divides the Bihar state into two parts, only bridges can connect these two regions. NH-80 and NH-30 are the two majors highways that run parallel to the Ganga river and Munger Ganga Bridge is a link between these two important highways.

Munger Ganga Bridge connects Munger and Jamalpur
  • Name of the Bridge: Munger Ganga Bridge
  • Distance: 3.69 Km
  • Connecting Places: Munger to Jamalpur
  • Opened: 2016
  • Type: Rail and Road
  • River/Places: Ganga, Munger (Bihar)

Some Interesting Facts About Longest Bridges in India

  • As we know that Bhupen Hazarika is the longest bridge in India with a length of 9.15 Km but this length is nothing in comparison to the world’s longest bridge known as Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge which is 164.8 Km long.
  • Bihar state in India has the most number of bridges with a count of 11 (with a distance of 1 Km or more)
  • Abdul Bari Bridge is the oldest bridge in India which was built in 1862. This bridge also is known as Koilwar Bridge and it is still in use even after more than 150 years.

Here is the video about the top 10 longest bridges in India.

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