Dams in India: List of Important Dams in India

important dams in india

As we know that dams are the best way for water reservoirs and build for various purposes such as irrigation, domestic use, hydroelectricity generation. A dam is a type of barrier in the flow of water that stops water to form a water reservoir. After independence, India has built around 4300 dams across India and some dams are also tourist spots. Let us have a look at the list of important dams.

Important Dams in India

Important Dams in India is a crucial topis of Static GK as the point of competitive examinations. Here is the list of Important Dams in India along with state and river on which dams are located.

Name of the DamRiverState
Sardar Sarover DamNarmadaGujarat
Koteshwar DamBhagirathUttrakhand
Ranjit Sagar DamRavipunjab
Srisailam DamKrishnaTelangana/Andhra pradesh
Gandhi Sagar DamChambal
Madhya Pradesh
Baglihar DamChenab
Jammu & Kashmir
Omkareshwar DamNarmadaMadhya Pradesh
Mullaperiyar DamPeriyarKerala
Nagarjuna Sagar DamKrishnaTelangana / Andhra Pradesh
Salal DamChenab
Jammu & Kashmir
Koyna DamKoynaMaharashtra
Rihand DamRihandUttar Pradesh
Ukai DamTapiGujarat
Uri DamJhelumJammu & Kashmir
Indira Sagar DamNarmada
Madhya Pradesh
Tehri DamBhagirathiUttarakhand
Bhakra DamSutlejHimachal Pradesh
Idukki arch DamPeriyarKerala
Mettur DamKaveri
Lakhwar DamYamunaUttrakhand
Hirakud DamMahanadiOdisha
Jawahar Sagar DamChambal
Rana Pratap Sagar DamChambalRajasthan

Important Points about Dams in India

  • Tehri Dam on Bhagirathi River located in Uttarakhand is the highest dam in India with a height of 260 meters.
  • Hirakund Dam (Odisha) is the longest dam in India which is 25.79 km on the Mahanadi River.
  • Oldest Dam in India is Kallanai Dam on the Kaveri River which was completed in 100 BC –100 AD.
  • Tehri Dam is the eighth highest dam in the world.
  • Idukki dam is the first Indian arch dam which is the largest arch dam in Asia.
  • Bhakhra Dam on Sutlej River is the second-highest dam in India with a height of 226 meters.

Importance of Dams

Dams play an important role in our modern life. Dams are the major water reservoirs that provide water for domestic, industry, irrigation purposes and also essential for hydroelectric power production. If we do not build dams, then we might face many problems includes:

  • Not enough water for domestic purposes during summer
  • Farmers can not grow foods without a proper supply of irrigation water
  • Flash floods can ruin our houses

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