How To Become A Web Designer? Career, Courses, and Job Opportunities

how to become a web designer

How To Become A Web Designer: Here in this article we will discuss “How To Become A Web Designer” for anyone who wants to pursue this career.

Web designers are in high demand and it is expected that there will be rapid growth in this field in the coming years due to the increase in demand of online business and immense growth and evolution of technology. Presently every business whether it is a startup or multinational companies, they all need a strong and secured website to run their business all over the world. A web designer needs to have good technical skills along with the creative skills to have a good number of happy and satisfied clients.

Basically, web designers design a website in such a way that it looks aesthetic and appealing to the eyes and it should be user-friendly to the audience. Web designers design each element of the website from layout to fonts, from colour and graphics to business aspect as a website must be able to attract clients for the business. So now you know what does a Web Designer do, below is a step by step guide on “How To Become A Web Designer”?

How To Become A Web Designer: Complete Guide

Before you step into the shoes of a web designer, you need to learn some technical skills, technology and communication skills. So let’s start with the first step of How To Become A Web Designer:

Learning Skills

The first step of How To Become A Web Designer is to learn and implement technical skills to be efficient in building a website. There are some necessary and specific skills, courses which will help you in building a base for web designing. Some of these necessary skills are as follows:

Programming Languages– The programming language is a basic skill for a web designer to possess. At least you should have some basic knowledge of any one programming language such as JavaScript, HTML, C++, CSS, UI, UX, PHP and Flash. This will help you in designing the website more user-friendly.

SEO Rules- It is very important for an aspiring web designer to understand the SEO Rules and follow the same. Just making website user-friendly for the audience is not enough as the website should also be friendly for search engines to be visible online. Web designers should have some basic SEO Skills so that they will be able to organically improve sites visibility and ranking. SEO is a site optimization process which helps in the growth of the website naturally by improving the site’s performance.

Web Design Theory- Anyone who wants to become a web designer needs to have basic knowledge and the clear fundamentals of the Web Design Theory to make excellent websites. Therefore they need to learn and implement these skills to have a good number of happy and satisfied clients.

Role of Certifications/ Degree

Once you have some basic knowledge, required skill set and you clearly understand the career of the Web Designing, you need to earn some certifications or degree to gain full knowledge in the field. These certifications will help you in showcasing that you have the capabilities and will also boost your resume and this will help you build a good image in the eyes of your client. Some of the certifications and degree are:

  • Adobe Certified Expert
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Web Designing
  • Advance Diploma in Internet & Web Designing
  • Certificate in Office Automation & Web Designing

Build Your Website

Creating your website is a way to showcase the skills and capabilities of a web designer. Create it like a professional website to get good clients, make it look appealing and update your skills, abilities, charges and experience regularly. You need to have your personal portfolio on the homepage of your website so that clients get to know who you are and what experience you have in the field. This website is like a portfolio for you because you can show the qualities and skills you have used in the website to the clients and can find long-term opportunities in this career.

Search Job Opportunities:

Now that you are all set with the skills and certificates and have to build your website, start finding job opportunities and market yourself. Start looking for jobs to gain experience and keep updating your portfolio to showcase to the clients, include clients’ feedback and examples of your work in the portfolio. Add all the experience you are getting on your personal website to earn more clients. While you have your portfolio and website updated make sure you are marketing yourself on social media also by building professional profiles there. Social proof can help you today in a lot better way as social media is now used as a business also. You need to start with social media to gain an audience and build trust so that you can have more clients to work for.

Keep Yourself Updated

As technology is changing and upgrading faster, customer needs and taste are also getting affected. So keep yourself updated with the market trends and new technologies as the customer wants to keep themselves up-to-date with the current trends. So if you show that you have the ability to learn and adapt to a skill in a quick manner and have the current knowledge as per the changing trend, clients will always want to work with you.

Average Salary of a Web Designer

The salary of the web designers is based on their skills, knowledge and experience in this field. A web designer can work full time with a business or agency while some web designers prefer to work as freelancers which are nowadays getting popular. Web Designers are now in high demand in the market as everything is getting online and as a result, their pay scale is also increasing. The average pay scale of a web designer in India is Rs. 280,000 per annum. It can vary as per the location, company, experience and other factors between Rs. 110,000 to Rs. 650,000. Entry-level web designers get around Rs. 180,000 per annum.

Moreover, it varies as per the company you are working with and the experience you have. All that matters are that there are ample opportunities in this field and if you want to step into this career you should have the basic skills and knowledge to start with Web Designing.

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