11 Common Mistakes to Avoid in SSC CGL Exam

ssc cgl exam

Lakhs of students appear for the SSC CGL exam every year, but it is not a cakewalk to crack any government exam. It requires persistence, hard work, determination and a proper strategy devoid of common mistakes made by the aspirants.

So, in this article, we’ll discuss some common mistakes to avoid in exams so the aspirants can execute a proper study plan and pass the exam with flying colours.

1. Not Going Through Syllabus & Exam Pattern in Detail

Many aspirants make the mistake of not studying the syllabus and exam pattern and directly joining the SSC CGL coaching online or offline.
However, this will not help them in any way because they will not know which topics are important and which section carries what weightage. Hence, the first step toward successful preparation is to understand the syllabus and work hard on relevant topics.

Also, skim through the previous year’s question papers to know the important topics and the type of questions asked in the exam.

2. Neglecting Technical Aspects of Online Exam

We all know that the SSC exam is conducted online. Yet many students fail to practice online, which leads to stress and discomfort in the exam. Practicing on pen and paper can help you cover the syllabus and understand the concepts but will not prepare you to face the online exam.

Hence, students must attempt as many mock and sectional tests as possible before the exam day. This will help them get familiar with the interface and online experience.

3. Preparing for Multiple Exams Simultaneously

Many aspirants prepare for multiple government exams simultaneously. But, every exam requires a different strategy and preparation plan. Also, each exam has different criteria, paper patterns and standards of question.

Furthermore, these exams are conducted in multiple phases, and students must better focus on the next phase if they really wish to crack the exam. So, choose your priorities wisely as we all know, “To do two things at once is to do neither”.

4. Referring to Multiple Resources

Choosing the best study material for the SSC exam is imperative. So you don’t end up wasting your time shuffling between the books. When you expose yourself to multiple study materials for a single exam, you ought to confuse yourself between the methods of application. Stick to the resources you choose at the start of your preparation, but make sure you take the help of your mentors or select the books recommended by the toppers.

5. Not Planning in Advance

Planning your schedule prior to the preparation provides a direction. Therefore, candidates must make a strategy considering the syllabus, exam pattern, time left for the exam, their weaker and strong areas.

This will help save a lot of time and cover the syllabus timely with proper revision. Regular practice and mock tests should be an important part of the plan.

6. Not Giving Equal Importance to Each Section

While it is important to focus on your strengths, you cannot completely disregard a particular section. Therefore, while curating your plan, make sure you’re allocating equal time to each section.

The competition for the SSC exams is very high; hence the cut-offs tend to increase every year. However, each subject carries equal marks, which can be potentially scored with practice.

7. Neglecting General Awareness

Candidates often do not pay much attention to the general awareness section as it carries 50 marks in the SSC exam. But, candidates must understand that it is the only subject that can fetch them maximum marks in the least amount of time.

So, don’t make the mistake of neglecting this section; rather, read newspapers and magazines every day to enhance your general knowledge and learn about important dates and events.

8. Relying Completely on Short Tricks

It has been often seen that candidates completely depend on short tricks to solve the questions. But, it is not practically possible to remember all the tricks and also, when the question is modified, they confuse themselves and fail to solve the question.

Hence, it is not advised to just rely on short tricks. Rather, students must work on their conceptual understanding as it will help them solve different types of questions without much effort.

9. Not Preparing Short Notes

Candidates don’t pay much attention to making notes while preparing and fail to understand how important they are for revision. It is not possible to revise the entire syllabus through the books; hence these short notes help students revise quickly and efficiently.

Short notes on General Awareness and Quantitative Aptitude will help you revise the important dates, events, formulas, tables, squares etc., at the last hour.

10. Not Revising Enough

Revision is an integral part of the preparation, and students must lay utmost focus on it. It is advised to keep one day of the week for revision, so you don’t forget everything you learn.

The best method to revise is by attempting mock tests and previous year’s questions papers. This will not only help revise but also improve their speed and accuracy. Moreover, students must not pick any new concept right before the exam and only revise what they have already studied.

11. Not Appearing for Mock Tests

Probably this is the worst mistake any aspirant can make as it will only lead to disappointment. Practising mock tests provide a simulated exam environment that prepares the aspirants to face the real exam.

It also helps to improve their weaker areas and manage time efficiently during the exam. Clearly, SSC CGL mock tests are a boon for the students preparing for the exam, and they must make the most of them.

FAQs Regarding SSC CGL Exam

Q1. Is SSC CGL tough to crack?

Ans. The level of the SSC CGL exam is easy to moderate. However, it is not a tough exam to crack if you prepare with the right strategy and dedication.

Q2. Is there any negative marking in the SSC CGL exam?

Ans. Yes, there is a negative marking of 0.25 marks for each incorrect answer.

Q3. What is the number of attempts for the SSC CGL exam?

Ans. There is no restriction on the number of attempts as long as candidates satisfy the age criteria. The age limit for the SSC CGL exam is 18-32 years.

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