web server kya hai

Web Server क्या है? Web Server के प्रकार जानिए हिंदी में..??

दोस्तों, आज का युग एक आधुनिक युग है, जिसमें Computer Science नित नए किर्तिमान हासिल कर रहा है। आज से कई वर्ष पुर्व Computer...
types of memory of computer

Types of Memory of Computer Get Complete Details Here!

Types of Memory of Computer: Computer Memory is the space or unit in a computer that stores instructions, data, and intermediate results. Computer memory...
http full form

HTTP Full Form | What Is HyperText Transfer Protocol?

When we visit any website we see some prefixes such as HTTP or HTTPS in front of the domain. Do you know what it...
full form of computer

Full Form Of COMPUTER, Types Of Computer

Who does not know computers in today's time? From children to old people are familiar with this word because the computer has made our...