NTSE Preparation 2020-21 Tips And Strategies To Become An NTSE Scholar

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NTSE Preparation: NTSE or the National Talent Search Examination is one of the most popular programs for scholarship selection in India. Students who are aware of the Scholarship Programs, they will know about the NTSE for sure. The students who want to perform well in the NTSE must be prepared appropriately. Only strategic preparation will lead to a good scholarship reward. As with all competitive exams, one of the surest ways to prepare for the exam is to give a lot of mock tests.

The first step towards preparing well for the NTSE exams is to know the exam pattern and syllabus properly. The correct information is important and after knowing all the relevant details, read up on this article for knowing about NTSE preparation.

NTSE Preparation 2020-21

Before diving into the strategies for NTSE preparation, it is important to know the exam format. Understanding the nature of the NTSE is vital for NTSE preparation.

The NTSE exam takes place in two stages. The first stage of the NTSE exam happens to be the state-level exam and after that is done with, the applicants move on to the national level exams. The two stages of the NTSE exam will have two parts, called the MAT and the SAT. Even though the exam pattern is roughly the same, the difference lies in the difficulty level of the questions. Below, we have provided the relevant exam patterns for ease of your NTSE preparation.

The first paper of the MAT is a mental ability test, and this is mainly an aptitude test exam. There are 100 questions, and the total marks are also 100.

The second paper or the Scholastic Aptitude test is based on subject fields like Science, Social Science, and Mathematics. The total number of questions is again 100, but the subdivisions among the three subjects are not equal.

Science- 40

Social Science- 40

Math- 20

NTSE Preparation Syllabus

The syllabus for NTSE is not enough so that is a bonus for your NTSE preparation. IT is mainly the syllabus of class 9 and 10 subjects. Test aspirants are recommended to look at the NTSE Textbooks to aid their NTSE preparation.

Download NTSE Syllabus PDF

NTSE Preparation for MAT Section

As we have mentioned before in these articles, the MAT paper of the NTSE exams is built for Mental ability tests. Knowing the proper nature of both the SAT and MAT is advisable for getting good marks.

Mat is structured to test your knowledge of reasoning, judgment, and evaluation. It also tests your ability to visualize spatial orientation. The questions from the MAT section will come from the analogies, classification, pattern perception, coding-decoding, and block assembly. On top of that, series, hidden figures, and problem-solving is also important. The MAT is crucial to the NTSE selection so all the students are advised not to neglect this section.

Trips and Tricks for the MAT section

  • Try and solve many problems related to the same section. This is to be done to thoroughly master the concepts.
  • Do not forget to manage your time as well. The most common mistake of the aspirants is not learning how to manage time well. They cannot complete the paper despite knowing the answers well enough.
  • Be sure to answer all the questions. MAT does not have any negative marking so the test aspirant is advised to answer all the questions, as this is a great strategy for the NTSE preparation. The questions are in the form of MCQ and every correct answer will bring you closer to your goal and a wrong answer will no cost you points.

NTSE Preparation for SAT Section

Now, the other section for the NTSE exam is the Scholastic Aptitude Test or the SAT. The NTSE preparation for the SAT will be geared towards mastering the concepts of reasoning and logical ability. Social sciences and the scholastic aptitudes of the students must be strong to perform well in this section. On top of going through the NTSE textbooks, it is crucial to take the help of a great general knowledge book. This will aid in your NTSE preparation by allowing you to be more confident for the out of syllabus questions.

Keep in mind that you have to qualify for both the sections to be considered for the NTSE exams. After the state level examination is cleared, the test aspirant moves on to the national level.

NTSE Preparation: Strategies to become an NTSE Scholar!

Only students with high intellect and a passion for learning will be qualified to receive the monetary benefits from the state. These benefits will last the student their entire academic life. The competition is surely very tough because lakhs of students appear for the NTSE and only a few thousand are selected. Below there are some tricks to help you along.

  • When the students attempt the NTSE stage one, those students who have qualified will get enough time to prepare for the next stage. NTSE preparation will need them to give a lot of mock tests and they can do this within this gap time.
  • Assess and improve your performance and work on your weak areas. Just taking a lot of mock tests is not enough.
  • SAT scores may not increase in proportion to the amount of time you spent practicing, but the MAT scores are comparatively easy to increase with effort. Implement this information in your NTSE preparation.
  • Do not panic when you cannot answer one question. Remember that time is important and move on to the next question.
  • Take a hold of the previous year’s question papers and prepare well.
  • Decide which topics are important for the NTSE exams and be sure to revise them regularly for your NTSE preparation.
  • Do not forget to stay healthy and stay calm. It is easy to get overwhelmed and anxious with the big exam approaching but take enough mock tests to ease yourself into the procedure.

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