Facts About the Human Body Amazing Facts and Information

Facts About the Human Body

The human body is composed of many different types of cells. These cells form tissues and subsequently organ systems. There are so many interesting and amazing facts about the human body that you probably don’t know. These facts will amaze you and also increases your general knowledge about the human body.

Amazing Facts About Human The Body

  • Largest and the strongest bone in the body- Femur (Thighbone)
  • The smallest bone in the body – Stapes in ear
  • Numbers of cell in the body-75 trillion
  • The volume of blood in the body- 6 liters (in 70kg body)
  • Number of Red Blood Cell (RBC) – In male: 5-6 million per cubic mm
  • In female: 4-5 million per cubic mm
  • The life span of RBC – 100 to 120 days
  • The life span of White Blood Cell (WBC)- 3-4 days
  • Normal White Blood Cell (WBC) count- 5000-10000/ cubic mm
  • Time is taken by RBC to complete one cycle of circulation- 20 seconds
  • Another name of Red Blood Cell (RBC)- Erythrocytes
  • Largest White Blood Cells- Monocytes
  • Smallest White Blood Cells- Lymphocyte
  • Who discovered Blood Group- Karl Landsteiner
  • Blood Platelets count: 150000-400000 platelets per microlitre
  • Hemoglobin (Hb)- In male: 14-15 gm/100 cc of blood
  • In female: 11-14 gm / 100 cc of blood
  • Hb content in the body- 500-700 gm
  • The pH of urine- 6.5-8
  • The pH of blood- 7.36-7.41
  • Volume of Semen- 2-5 ml / ejaculation
  • Normal Sperm count- 250-400 million / ejaculation
  • Menstrual cycle- 28 days
  • Menopause age- 45-50 years
  • Blood clotting time- 3-5 minutes
  • Weight of brain- 1300-1400 gm in human adult
  • Normal Blood pressure (B.P.)- 120/80 mm Hg
  • Universal blood donor- O
  • Universal blood recipient- AB
  • Average body weight- 70 kg
  • Normal Body temperature- 37 degree Celsius
  • Breathing Rate at rest- 12-16 per minute
  • Number of spinal Nerves- 31 pairs
  • Largest Endocrine Gland- Thyroid Gland
  • Gestation period- 40 weeks or 9 calendar months
  • Largest Gland- Liver
  • Largest Muscles in the body- Gluteus maximus or buttock muscles
  • The smallest muscle in the body- Stapedius
  • Largest Artery- Aorta
  • Largest Vein- Inferior Vena Cava
  • Normal Heart Beat at rest- 7 beats per minute
  • Largest and Longest nerve- Sciatic Nerve
  • Longest Cell- Neurons ( nerve cell )
  • Minimum distance for proper vision- 25 cm
  • Pulse rate- 72 per minute
  • Thinnest Skin- Eyelids
  • Weight of Heart- 200-300 gm

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