Career in Tourism Management Details of Courses and Job Profile

career in tourism management

Here in this article, we will discuss Career in Tourism Management for the students willing to pursue this career. The travel and tourism sector in India has grown to a high level in the past few years and to maintain the same, the government is trying to increase the facilities and also opening jobs for the youth of India. If the sector continues to grow in this extraordinary manner, then the day is not far when every youth in India will hunt for a job in this sector.

But it is not easy to do so, there are certain qualifications required to apply for the job in the tourism sector. A career in Tourism Management has become one of the fast-growing sectors in India and with it, the opportunities are also rising at an exponential rate.

There are several courses related to the tourism industry in India like Bachelor’s Degree courses, PG Degree courses, Diploma courses, Certificate courses, and PG Certificate courses. The candidate needs to check eligibility and apply for the courses. Check this article to know the complete details about Career in Tourism Management.

Career in Tourism Management: Skills Required

It is very important to have a strong job profile and the professional’s ethics are to need to go for any job you want to. The same goes for the Tourism industry also. A career in Tourism management is not that easy as it may seem in the first place. Few skills are mandatory to be needed. Some of them are, you are required to be confident to facilitate proper conversation, your communication skills and interpersonal skills need to be strong, you should have the patience to answer every query of the tourists, you ought to be hardworking, enthusiastic, and flexible. These are some of the skills required for having a career in tourism management.

Career in Tourism Management: Eligibility criteria

There are various colleges and universities in India that offer Tourism management courses at various levels like Undergraduate courses, Postgraduate courses, distance learning courses, and many others. But there are certain eligibility criteria to be met to take admission in the colleges offering courses:

Name of the CourseEligibility Criteria
Bachelor’s DegreeThe applicant is required to pass Class XII from any recognized education board in India with at least 50% or above marks
Master’s DegreeA candidate is required to have a bachelor’s degree from any recognized university in India with a minimum aggregate of around 45% or above marks.
Diploma courses in TourismFor getting a diploma in Tourism Management, a candidate is required to be a passed out from Class XII from any recognized university in India with an aggregate of at least 60% or above marks
PG Diploma CoursesThe applicant is required to complete his/her graduation from any recognized university in India with a minimum of 50% of marks.
Certificate coursesA candidate must pass his/her class XII from any recognized board in India with a minimum of 50% marks.

Career in Tourism Management: Courses Detail

There are a variety of courses available for a candidate and totally depends upon him to choose the right one for them. Some of the courses are as follows-

  • B.Sc in travel and tourism
  • MBA in travel and tourism
  • PG Diploma in Travel and Tourism
  • Certificate course in Travel & Tourism
  • Ph.D. in Tourism
  • Master of Tourism administration
  • MPhil in Tourism
  • BCom in Travel and Tourism BBA in Travel and Tourism
  • BA in travel and tourism

Career in Tourism Management: Job profiles

If you are interested in a career in tourism management courses, there a significant number of job profiles available. The interested candidates have a lot of job opening in various public and private sector tourism management companies. Some of them are as follows-

Travel agent

The job of a travel agent is to find suitable tourists and meet their demands in selecting the best tourism spot for them as per their needs. There are many hotels and tourism companies that hire travel agents so that they can sell their tour services at a very good package.

Tourism manager

A tourism manager is the most important for the tourism industry. If you want to have a career in tourism management then, it is the perfect job for you. If involves promoting tourism spots in your area by way of campaigning or by advertising the same.

Airlines employee/ Ground staff

It is the most responsible job profile of the Career in Tourism management. One of the main roles of the employee is to store and transport luggage to the desired location.

Travel executive

The role of travel executive is to look into various aspects of the smooth functioning of tourism management like transporting, helping tourists in getting their accommodation, etc.

Tourism Guide

Tour Guide is one of the most important job profile of Career in Tourism management. The tour guide provides and assists the tourist in visiting the different places and provide all the relevant knowledge and information related to it.

Tour Operator

Another Career in Tourism management is a tour operator. His job is to help in the organization of tours and to arrange the accommodation of the tourists. Many tourism companies take the help of tour operators for better functioning of the tourism industry.

Career in Tourism Management: Salary Packages

The salary amount depends upon various factors like skills and determination of the candidate, job profile, etc. Though a career in tourism management is a good choice the pay scale in the starting is around 10-15k per month which gradually increases.

Other Career Opportunities:

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